Thermomat Stairs Melter Different Installations

Lämpömatto is a Finnish company specializing in manufacturing electrical melting, heating and drying carpets. The company was established in 1979 in Tampere, the third largest city of Finland and is now located at Nokia, very close to Tampere. Products are mainly distributed to domestic market, but also to other Scandinavian countries, Estonia, Russia and as far as Canada.

Lämpömatto has a range of products for different purposes in stock sizes, but also designs and manufactures special melting and heating solutions according to customers needs. More complicated completed projects include for example producing rail changer melting system for Finnish Railways and a system that keeps the rooftop of Tretjakov Gallery in Moscow clear of ice and snow.

Lämpömatto Oy
Pikkukorventie 1
FIN-37150 Nokia,
Finland, Europe
Tel. +358 3 341 2522
Fax +358 3 341 2544
E-mail info@lampomatto.com
Homepage www.lampomatto.com